Sir John Whitmore, 1937 - 2017

Sir John Whitmore is Executive Chairman of Performance Consultants. He is a pre-eminent thinker in leadership and organisational change and works globally with leading multinational corporations to establish coaching management cultures and leadership programmes. He has written five books on leadership, coaching and sports, of which Coaching for Performance is the best known having sold 500,000 copies in 17 languages.

Rated as the number one Business coach by the Independent Newspaper and as having had the most impact on the coaching profession by the UK Association of Coaching, Sir John is a pre-eminent thinker in leadership and organisational change. He was a motor racing champion in his 20's before retiring to run a large agribusiness, a product design company and a Ford Main Dealership.

In1968 he gave up businesses to study psychology in the USA, before returning to England to set up a tennis school and a ski school in the Alps licensed by Timothy Gallwey of the Inner Game. Together with other high profile achievers, he formed Performance Consultants, which has been highly influential in introducing new approaches to coaching and business training, and he remains a senior partner today. Sir John has personally trained some of the leading organisations in the world, such as Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Barclays, Lloyds, Rolls Royce, British Airways, Novo Nordisk and Roche.

The GROW (Goal, Reality, Options/Opportunity, Will/What Next) model of coaching has been developed and popularized by Sir John Whitmore, a racing car champion and leading coaching practitioner in the United Kingdom. These four steps can be applied to any coaching challenge or opportunity.

Honoured with the President's Award by International Coach Federation (ICF), John is is one of the leading figures in the international coaching community with activities and operations globally. John founded Performance Consultants with partners David Hemery and David Whitaker after originally forming The Inner Game in the United Kingdom following a period of studying and working with Tim Gallwey and Bob Kriegel in the United States. They were the first to formulate the coaching processes and create experiential learning to overcome the inner obstacles to human potential and high performance such as fear, doubt and limiting beliefs.

He has produced and directed a feature film, performed in many guises on radio and TV and on conference platforms. He organised leading edge conferences and is the creator of the Be the Change movement.