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CoachX: Jeff Hull on Coaching the Post-Heroic Leader


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Leadership Coaching Tutorial: Ambidextrous Leadership

Ambidextrous Leadership: Science to Practice & Business...

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Webinar: The Coaching Ripple Effect: The Impact of Coaching on Leadership Networks and Organizational Effectiveness

Given that leaders are embedded in complex networks of interaction it may be important to consider the potential for broader level systemic impact of change that begins at the individual cognitions of a leader....

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Extreme Teaming: Leading Cross Industry Innovation

PDF version of Amy Edmondson's October 13, 2016 webinar, Audacious Innovation: Coaching Leaders to Change the World

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Webinar: Audacious Innovation: Coaching Leaders to Change the World (Resource)

Today’s fast growth, globally diverse organizations demand “big teaming”: intense collaboration across professions and industries that often have completely different mindsets and even be antagonistic to each other....

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2015 Conference Video: Surgical Leadership Beyond the Operating Room

Keynote speech by Michael Yeh, MD, FACS at the 2015 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference. 

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2016 September Coaching Report

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus...

2015 Conference Video: Leadership -- a System, Not a Person!

Video presentation by Barbara Kellerman at the 2015 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference. 

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2015 Conference Video: Leading from the Emerging Future: Co-Pioneering Healthsystem 4.0

The ability to co-sense and co-shape future opportunities is at the heart of leadership today. The more the current period of disruptive changes deepens, the more critical the collective capacity to innovate will become....

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2016 July/August Coaching Report

Are you burned out?...

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