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Graham Barkus is Head of Organization Development & Change at Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong, and also maintains his own practice – The Human Factor - focused on convening the conversations required when new circumstances call for new responses beyond the current repertoire of groups, teams, organizations and networks. His approach encompasses change in both what is done and how, as well as the importance of shifts in systemic relationships required to deliver new outcomes.

Graham is experienced in organizational change and development, human systems management, individual and group coaching, facilitation and conflict management. 
He has 25 years of experience in organization development and learning in Asia. He is now based in Hong Kong but has also worked extensively in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore. Most recently he has also accepted assignments in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Graham holds graduate degrees in Linguistics and Clinical Organizational Psychology, and is developing doctoral research using a neuropsychoanalytic lens to examine how organizations can progress skillfully through adaptive change at strategic `inflection points` and develop greater resilience to disruptive change.

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