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During a professional background extending across 30 plus years teaching English in urban middle and high schools, Patricia Marino's passion to meet the needs of students lead to action research of evidence-based writing methodologies.

Her curriculum expertise resulted in district training opportunities for community, state, and national projects. She was a vanguard of portfolio implementation in the Rochester City School District. As a result, Patricia was recognized as a trailblazer by the NCEE`s (National Center on Education and the Economy) New Standards Project for her local and national level commitment to its standards based assessment work.

Other significant areas of proud engagement include Patricia’s work in a small school as both its literacy and design coach. These opportunities lead to her becoming a certified trainer of literacy coaches for Rochester city schools. As well, Patricia has successfully coached teachers (locally and nationally) pursuing National Board Certification. During her final ten years as a lead teacher, her primary focus was professional development using a variety of coaching models, from instructional to cognitive. The achievement of formal research of coaching to improve teaching practices stands as a highlight on her continuing journey of professional development and contribution.

Her travels abroad include three team sojourns to Europe and Africa. On the first she was among missionaries to Italy, Nigeria and Ghana. Her more recent trip to South Africa with a delegation of National Board Certified Teachers was the capstone of her doctoral studies. With more than fifteen years as a National Board Certified educator and a Ph.D. In Educational Leadership / Systems, Dr. Patricia Marino founded and became the CEO of PathMark Innovations LLC.

Today, Patricia enjoys being a resource to individuals, teams, and leaders of small busines and learning organizations. For example, she is in her second year organizing and facilitating a Graves disease support group to help assure that much needed support is available for others living with the disease. She purposes to give back by helping learning organizations experience the benefit of making observation and reflection undergirding habits of mind within cultures of collaboration. She esteems reflection and enjoys building community.

On the creative side, Patricia has authored two books of inspirational prose and verse, Touch Me and her recent eBook - Earthen Vessel. Also a poet and storyteller, she specializes in telling dramatic and powerfully gripping stories from real life, and recently gave her first solo performance.


National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Certified Evocative Coaching - Center for School Tranformation

Books / Publications:

Touch Me - Inspiratonal Prose & Verse

Coaching to Improve Teaching Practices

Earthen Vessel - Inspirational Prose & Verse




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