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Villela da Matta is the founder and President of the Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching, which is the pioneer and leading coaching enterprise in Brazil, responsible for having trained more than ten thousand coaches and for the creation of the first MBA in the country focused on life and business coaching.

Da Matta is the first and only Brazilian Master Coach with more than two decades of experience and eight thousand hours of practice in the area. He has used his knowledge to develop Personal and Professional Coaching, one of the courses offered by the company, which offers high-performance solutions for people, leaders and corporations.

Recognized by international institutions, such as the Association for Coaching (AC) and the Graduate School Alliance for Executive Coaching (GSAEC), Da Matta is frequently invited to contribute in international projects in the area, such as the book released by the Association for Coaching (AC) – “Diversity in Coaching – Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age”.

Da Matta is a Master Coach, certified by international coaching institutions. He is also a writer, trainer, instructor and international speaker. He is recognized in the corporate world as one of the best motivational speakers and he is the coach most consulted by Brazilian personalities.

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